the brakes are on…

The brakes have been put on our coaches once again as this horrid virus just won’t go away!  After being so positive and working hard to get things moving again, we have now cancelled all of our November day excursions and holidays. 

Behind the scenes (in the office and at home), there has been a lot of pondering, thinking, talking, sleepless nights and general “what the hell shall we do?” to adapt to the ever changing environment we find ourselves in.

With this in mind, we have now decided to postpone sending out our 2021 brochure until the New Year. The good news is, the brochure has lots of holidays and short breaks ready for our new normal of Staycation in some lovely parts of our country.

We all need something to look forward to and if you do require the dates of our 2021 holidays or just fancy a natter, then please get in touch. We’re only at the end of the phone!

The office is open throughout the week with the telephones manned Monday to Friday 9-5, as they have been throughout this pandemic.

Please keep safe everyone

Christine Rose and David Eyre

PS. Our annual Get Together has been postponed until Sunday 30 January 2022 – we will all be in need of a good party!