“Honk for Hope”

Robin Hood Travel Ltd, Warrington’s of Ilam and Aimee’s Travel pictured in London on Monday to support the “Honk for Hope” convoy to Parliament Square. After an early 5am start from the depot they started their journey to London where they met up with another 420 plus coaches from around the UK en route to form miles and miles of coach convoy into the Capital, each honking their horns in the hope that the Government will listen to the plight of the coaching industry.

Bus, rail and air transport have all received funding, coaches don’t fall into any of those categories and do require more help. We do have the Furlough scheme which ends in October and can access a number of loans – but these do need to be paid back.

It is such a serious issue and Team Robin Hood did us proud representing us on Monday, which David and I are extremely grateful for – and on a lighter note, I think they enjoyed their day out, it gave them chance to catch up with everyone and I’m told they never stopped eating and drinking, as each of them took snacks and sandwiches and cake and cake and more cake!

Here at Robin Hood Travel, we are in a very privileged position with having the best clients ever, as most of you have allowed us to transfer your holidays and day excursions to next year, many coach operators are not that lucky and therefore do require support.

We can’t wait to get the wheels turning again and hope by September we shall have a few holidays and day trips running, but we do need to be confident that our coaches, attractions and hotels can keep us all safe and well.

Take care everyone

Christine Rose and David Eyre