Coronavirus: Our Update

We are all aware COVID 19 is having a huge impact on our daily lives and the worrying times ahead.

Stacey and Amy are working non-stop in transferring holidays and day excursions to later in the year. We are such a small team, so it really is a mammoth task and as you can appreciate our telephone lines are extremely busy at the present time.

We are working in order of departure date and ask that you wait for us to contact you, if you are travelling with us in the next few weeks.

Our Winter flyer and Thursford dates are ready to be posted once we are back to some normality and to give everyone something to look forward to.

During this manic time, we wish to thank all of our lovely clients who have been so thoughtful and patient with us. You have allowed us to transfer your holidays and day trips to later in the year.

“Team Robin Hood” are stayingpositive, we are all in this together

Through all of these uncertain times we are in the office, drinking coffee, eating biscuits and laughing, whilst sitting a metre apart!

Ooh… and washing our hands in Vodka

We need to keep “the wheels moving” and are open for bookings and even a chat!