“Honk for Hope”

Robin Hood Travel Ltd, Warrington’s of Ilam and Aimee’s Travel pictured in London on Monday to support the “Honk for Hope” convoy to Parliament Square. After an early 5am start from the depot they started their journey to London where they met up with another 420 plus coaches from around the UK en route to form miles and miles of coach convoy into the Capital, each honking their horns in the hope that the Government will listen to the plight of the coaching industry.

Bus, rail and air transport have all received funding, coaches don’t fall into any of those categories and do require more help. We do have the Furlough scheme which ends in October and can access a number of loans – but these do need to be paid back.

It is such a serious issue and Team Robin Hood did us proud representing us on Monday, which David and I are extremely grateful for – and on a lighter note, I think they enjoyed their day out, it gave them chance to catch up with everyone and I’m told they never stopped eating and drinking, as each of them took snacks and sandwiches and cake and cake and more cake!

Here at Robin Hood Travel, we are in a very privileged position with having the best clients ever, as most of you have allowed us to transfer your holidays and day excursions to next year, many coach operators are not that lucky and therefore do require support.

We can’t wait to get the wheels turning again and hope by September we shall have a few holidays and day trips running, but we do need to be confident that our coaches, attractions and hotels can keep us all safe and well.

Take care everyone

Christine Rose and David Eyre


We’re missing you dreadfully…..

It has now been 6 weeks since we came to such an uncontrollable and complete stop, due to lockdown. The most important thing to us, is that all of you, your loved ones and friends have kept safe and well and have not been touched by this horrid virus. Our answer machine and E Mails are continuing to be monitored and any urgent enquiries are dealt with.

We are pleased to say that we have been able to re-arrange the majority of our holidays and day excursions through to August as follows;

Gretna Green 20 April 2020 – Transferred to 12 April 2021

Dawlish 11 May 2020 – Transferred to 10 May 2021

New Lanark – Cancelled

Celtic Connections – Cancelled

Call the Midwife – Cancelled

Howden Park, Torquay 7 June 2020 – Transferred to 20 June 2021

Bonny Bobby Shafto 8 June 2020 – Transferred to 12 July 2021

Welsh National Trust 15 June 2020 – awaiting new date

County Durham 26 June 2020 – Transferred to 4 June 2021

Manx Explorer 27 June 2020 – Transferred to 27 June 2021

Eastbourne 6 July 2020 – Transferred to 26 July 2021

Dundee – Cancelled

Lincoln – awaiting new date

National Trust Properties are closed until further notice, new dates to be arranged.

I think we all need something positive to look forward to during these uncertain times, and after a number of enquiries, we are posting our winter flyers which do include Thursford and our 2021 Reunion invites. Please do ring and reserve your seats, but we are not accepting any deposits until we are certain the break or excursion is operating.

As soon as we can safely open our doors we look forward to seeing you all. You may notice the office has had a lick of paint, well overdue. Stacey and Amy have had new chairs to stop them moaning about theirs wobbling – the chairs that is!

David and I continue to be grateful for the support you have shown us, and we hope to have the wheels rolling very soon.

Stay safe everyone,

Christine Rose and David Ey​re


Thank You NHS….

This beautiful "Thank You NHS Rainbow" has been made this week by the children of St Edwards Academy in Leek

It takes pride of place on the minibus that is taking them to and from school each day

They have also made a large

"Thank You"

banner, that we are hoping to get displayed at The Royal Stoke University Hospital for them

To all our Lovely Customers

To all of our customers

Can I say a massive thank you to all of our lovely customers, as a small business these past weeks have been very challenging and you have all been so kind and supportive.

I promise that when this horrid virus has left our shores “Team Robin Hood” will all be working extra hard to ensure you all enjoy your holidays and day trips with us.

We have been in touch with many of you, those who we have been unable to contact and are due to travel soon, the following transfers have been put in place:

Windsor 23 March 2020Transferred to 4 October 2020

St Agnes 10 April 2020Transferred to 30 November 2020 or15 May 2021

Drive and Dine 16 April 2020Transferred to 8 October 2020

Cardiff 19 April 2020Transferred to 5 October 2020

Torquay 20 April 2020Transferred to 12 October 2020

Gretna Green 20 April 2020Transferred to 12 April 2021

Whitby 18 May 2020Transfer to 7 September 2020

Harrogate Flower Show, Llandudno Victorian Festival, BBC Good Food Show and The Great Yorkshire Show have all been cancelled by the organisers.

Malvern Spring Show has been transferred to Malvern Autumn Show on 27 September 2020.

We are also able to transfer to alternative holidays or hold in credit for future tours.

In the event of an urgent query, please leave a message on 01538 306618 which we plan to have monitor.

Please, everyone of you, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the very near future

Christine Rose & David Eyre


Coronavirus: Our Update

We are all aware COVID 19 is having a huge impact on our daily lives and the worrying times ahead.

Stacey and Amy are working non-stop in transferring holidays and day excursions to later in the year. We are such a small team, so it really is a mammoth task and as you can appreciate our telephone lines are extremely busy at the present time.

We are working in order of departure date and ask that you wait for us to contact you, if you are travelling with us in the next few weeks.

Our Winter flyer and Thursford dates are ready to be posted once we are back to some normality and to give everyone something to look forward to.

During this manic time, we wish to thank all of our lovely clients who have been so thoughtful and patient with us. You have allowed us to transfer your holidays and day trips to later in the year.

“Team Robin Hood” are stayingpositive, we are all in this together

Through all of these uncertain times we are in the office, drinking coffee, eating biscuits and laughing, whilst sitting a metre apart!

Ooh… and washing our hands in Vodka

We need to keep “the wheels moving” and are open for bookings and even a chat!